About Opus One

“I cannot say whether it was a fortunate coincidence or if there was a particular reason why I happened to meet up with music may it as a friend, a place of shelter or as a companion. To produce something beautiful, one’s own creation which at the same time brings joy to people who are close to me, is quite a magical feeling which helps one to consider his own person and his environment in different ways.

Certainly, it was not the mundane success I was expecting to gain for all the hard work that was put into it, or the so called deserved success which seems to equate the time and the effort. Actually, it was none at all. My definition of „success“ is a completely different one which has a much greater value than others. To me it is that particular moment when you are facing your own work from your mind’s eye by reflecting the time and effort that was put into it and then saying: “Finally it’s done!

”It is that satisfaction I am talking about; that very emotional feeling when you first see the final result of your own pieces of work. This satisfaction and the chance that is given to you in order to be able to share your works and your music that makes you feel happy and proud, with those people who are also given the great ability to sense happiness by playing it.”

Deniz Inan


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