“It is was journey. A journey experienced by me and written down in the most beautiful and touching way I was able to choose. During this time which last almost 3 years I tried to discover my little knowledge about the art of making music in a new way. To discover my very own self. Noting down my first steps on this journey and seeing what kind of beautiful music I was about to find along the way was a beautiful experience. My main course of this journey was not the pursuit of reaching end. I orientated myself by the awaiting of new coasts, the process of getting lost and found and by the unexpected events I was about to experience. I simply drifted away together with my music.

I was inspired by my curiosity as well. Inspired and full of energy I attempted to try out innovative things, to forget rules, to sail without any compass. The course should find itself on his own, the music should come to me voluntarily. Within a moment of pure indifference, I lost every feeling of doubt and inhibition and so I was able, from my point of view, to make music in most beautiful way ever.

My compositions are acoustic backgrounds of scenes, which I imagined in front of my inner eye during my journey. I mostly think of moments, of snapshots which are very short but very detailed and my music is the introduction, the gesticulation, the dialogue and the conclusion of these scenes. I instinctively tried to image this snapshot as colorful and impressive as possible. Only this impression lets me compose my pieces. Enlightened, just the way everyone should experience his or her music. Just the way everybody should experience his or her own journey. And I am very happy so share my music with everybody who wants know what I experienced on my journey.”

Deniz Inan


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  • Con Anima
  • Par Temps de Pluie
  • Kayo's Journey
  • Summer Memories
  • A seven months long Story
  • Namukun & Seonnyeo
  • A Train Ride in the Moonlight
  • Valse de Lavande
  • Petit Chanson
  • In a Cafe at 10am
  • A Train Ride in the Moonlight Orch,
  • As long as you say you need me
  • Namukun & Seonnyeo Orch.