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Why I do what I do … namely composing! Here you get a little glimpse behind the scenes and read more about me and my music.


All my published and planned albums: Use the demo player and listen to my albums and find links to purchase my music on spotify and itunes.


Projects and collaborations: Just take a look and discover my projects with great musicians. Use the YouTube Playlists for more videos!!!


Questions or Comments, or would you like to have some music written by me? Use my contact form and just write to me. I look forward to your post.



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FINALLY! The first three albums (Maybe You, Piano Improvistation Vol.1 and Kayo’s Journey) can now be found on many different platforms. Although I was happy with my album shop, it was getting harder and harder to comply with all the requirements and security standards and to update regularly. Since this is also about your data,…

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