Going Home

animation by Lily Nguyen, music by Deniz Inan

Lily Nguyen draws the well-known picture of childhood. The place called home, the feeling of being at home turns many of us into children again. Feelings of comfort and love are re-lived in such a vivid way. The protagonist mirros these feelings in a beautiful way by literally turning into a child by entering the front door and asking for her mom and dad.

Chasing Lilies

animation by Lily Nguyen, music by Deniz Inan

In this short film Lily Nguyen creates an atmopshere with emotional depth and major social approaches. The protagonist reflects the complex interaction between society and individualism, which expresses the process of “growing up” in an authentic and very creative way.

Lost and Found

animation by Lily Nguyen, music by Deniz Inan

Lily Nguyen creates a heart touching story in this short film, in which the protagonist is searching for a loved person. The mental limits between reality and memories disappear and the turning point at the end reflects a deep and emotional message.

Tour de Pork

animation by Ambika Luthra, music by Deniz Inan

Ambika Luthra draws her scenes with humor and forms good satire. From the choice of an unusual protagonist to the funny turnning point Ambika Luthra sets a serious message in a humorous context and illustrates a contrast which might excites the audience to think twice.