As in any good story, it all started with a piece of music. My composition “About a Friend” from my new album “Maybe You”. In this album I had decided to put my piano in the background and thus make room for instruments whose sound is very close to my heart. Violin, cello and flute. I tried to make these sounds sing and arranged my composition for instruments that yourself cannot play.

And that’s exactly when the creative and very talented flautist Lynsey Blair entered my little stage…

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Music Meets Motion

I started the “Music Meets Motion” project with some students from the Institute of the Arts in California. In various short films, creative artists show funny, critical and sometimes very emotional impressions and try to bring them closer to the viewer with animations.

Of course, a good short film also needs a good soundtrack. On the following page I have selected a few films. You are also welcome to watch the soundtrack being played on the YouTube playlist.

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