Maybe You

“The great ambition of woman is to inspire love” – Molière

“A piano is an entire orchestra. With this in mind I set out to compose my first orchestrations where my piano should not be the main voice, but the second voice. I wanted to gather other impressions, conduct an orchestra and so I started to compose for instruments which I am not able to play by myself. The power of imagination marks each composer’s spirit and soon you can think out of the box and conduct a full orchestra within your head and imagine every sound. To create a mesh of many different instruments, to write their pauses, insets, cooperation and interludes and to hear how everything individual becomes one piece is a wonderful feeling. You experience yourself and your ideas in a new way and even old pieces which you wrote a long time ago come alive and receive a entirely new shape.

It was a new phase of life, which gave me the motivation to take the next step and to step away from my piano – at least for a little while. From the practical piano compositions to the purely imaginary coloring of your own tonal preference. We should always keep the courage for sensing our limits and discovering new opportunities – in music and in life – within our hearts, as well as the special humans who create this particular courage within us. Because both are very rare to find.”

Deniz Inan


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