“Music creates friendships across any distances.”
Deniz Inan

Like in every good story, everything started with a little piece of music “Maybe You” called “About a Friend“. In this album I stepped away from my piano and tried to discover new instruments and I wrote music, which uses the piano as a background instrument. Instruments I love – violin, cello and flute – were my main focus. I wanted to let those instruments sing and made the first step in arranging my compositions for the first time.

And in this, the creative and very talented flutist Lynsey Blair appeared on stage. By performing my composition she convinced me with her deep affection for music and her natural feeling for melody structure. I knew, this is a beginning of a beautiful friendship.

More ideas and more creative moments followed. Music overcame the distance between two countries and created a artistic bridge based on scores and notes. The time was ready to make our first attempt and here we are now: FLUTIANO