İlkbahar, Spring

“Music is the perfect type of art. Music can never reveal its ultimate secret.”
Oscar Wilde

“My favorite form for piano composition is the Nocturne. The sound, as well as the origins of this form of composition, which already began in the Baroque, are true treasures of music. From Field and Chopin, to Skriabin, Satie and Fauré; hardly ever a pianist or composer was able to escape this nightly love.

Like a hidden music box whose sound has not been heard for decades, the first bar for the piano opens the petite cage for the slumbering tones whose echo is lost in the cold mist of the night. An acoustic contrast, that carries secrets deep within as an ornament and shows its true nature after sunset.

In spite of the title “İlkbahar, Spring”, which may give you the idea of joy and light atmosphere, I was inspired by the melancholy and memories of past spring days. My impressions of the rapid changes of the world, let me write these nocturnes, waltzes and fantasies. Secret diary entries hidden in the score.”

Deniz Inan


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