Panda Piano Stories

“Inspired by the calm and fluffy giant. My new Album “Panda Piano Stories” contains 10 of my new compositions for piano solo. However there is a beautiful aspect which makes this album very special to me. Something, which makes it different from the rest of my albums.

It is the very first album I recorded in my home studio “Moonlight Panda Piano Studio”. I saw my pieces growing from the blank sheet of paper, to the final sheet music and to the final recording. This experience brings a composer very close to the pieces, and it brings the pieces very close to the composer.

I was able to capture my improvisations right from the start. My pieces developed next to practicing and preparing for upcoming concerts. This is what makes these pieces so special. Due to the style of calm improvisation, it was more a personal attachment that made me write down these pieces. I hope you enjoy my new works.”

Deniz Inan


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